Section 20 / Township 2N / Range 7W (2003) Oklahoma / STEPHENS County

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Area Covered
A 4.00 acre tract of land out of Sections 17 and 20, T2N-R7W, more particularly described as follows: BEGINNING at a point on the South boundary line of the City of Marlow, Oklahoma 74 feet North of the North boundary line of Section 20, T2N-R7W, thence East 360.4 feet along South boundary line of the City of Marlow to NW/c of the Broadway Circle Addi- tion for the NE/c of said tract, which NE/c is 956.6 feet West and 67.21 feet North of the Quarter Section corner between Sections 17 and 20, thence South 480.1 fet to a point, thence West 360.4 feet, thence North 486.9 feet to the p.o.b.