Section 13 / Township 2N / Range 4W (2010) Oklahoma / STEPHENS County

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Area Covered
SW4NE4, S2NW4NE4, NE4NW4NE4, N2SE4NW4, S2NE4NW4, NW4NE4NW4; SW/4 NE/4 & S/2 NW/4 NE/4 & NE/4 NW/4 NE/4 & N/2 SE/4 NW/4 & S/2 NE/4 NW/4 & NW/4 NE/4 NW/4; SW4NE4 & S2NW4NE4 & NE4NW4NE4 & N2SE4NW4 & S2NE4NW4 & NW4NE4NW4; N2SW4, S2SE4NW4; N2SW4 & S2SE4NW4; N/2 SW/4 & S/2 SE/4 NW/4; W/2 NW/4; W2NW4; SE4SW4, N2SW4SW4; SE/4 SW/4 & N/2 SW/4 SW/4; NE/4 NE/4 & N/2 SE/4 NE/4; NE4NE4, N2SE4NE4; SE4SW4 & N2SW4SW4; NW4SE4, NW4NE4SE4; NE4NE4SE4, S2NE4SE4, N2SE4SE4; NW/4 SE/4 & NW/4 NE/4 SE/4; NE/4 NE/4 SE/4 & S/2 NE/4 SE/4 & N/2 SE/4 SE/4; SW4SE4; SW/4 SE/4; S/2 SE/4 SE/4; S/2 SE/4 NE/4; S2SE4SE4; S2SE4NE4; NE4NE4NW4, NW4NW4NE4; S2SW4SW4; S/2 SW/4 SW/4; NE/4 NE/4 NW/4 & NW/4 NW/4 NE/4
Acres Contained Net acres described in report