Section 32 / Township 5N / Range 2W (1984) Oklahoma / MCCLAIN County

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Area Covered
E2E2,E2W2SE4; E2NW4,NE4SW4,E2SE4SW4; S2N2SW4NW4,S2SW4NW4,N2NW4SW4,N2N2S2NW4SW4; NW4NW4,N2N2SW4NW4; NW4NE4; SW4SW4; SW4NE4; W2NW4SE4,NW4SW4SE4; W2SE4SW4; S2S2NW4SW4,S2N2S2NW4SW4 ADA S. 15.0 Ac. of NW4SW4; A tract of land in the SW4SW4SE4 of section 32, township 5 North, Range 2 west, described as follows: Beginning at the SE. corner of the SW4SW4SE4 of Section 32 thence W. along the S. line of the 405 Ft. thence N. a distance of 250 ft. thence E. a distance of 121 ft. thence N. a distance of 410 ft. thence E. a distance of 284 ft. to the N.E corner of said SW4SW4SE4 thence S. along the E. line a distance of 660 ft. to the P.O.B.; A metes and bounds tract described as follows: Beginning in the NW Corner of the SW4SW4SE4 thence E. 376 ft. thence S. 410 Ft. thence W. 121 Ft. thence S. 250 Ft. thence W. 255 Ft. thence N. 660 Ft. to the P.O.B
Acres Contained Net acres described in report