Section 8 / Township 7N / Range 6W (2014) Oklahoma / GRADY County

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Area Covered
N2NW4, SW4NW4, N2SE4NW4, SW4SE4NW4, N2SW4, SW4SW4SW4; SW4NE4, SE4SE4NW4, NW4SE4; N2NE4; SE4NE4, N2NE4SE4, SW4NE4SE4; NE4SE4SW4, W2SE4SW4, E2SW4SW4, less and except a 1.00 acre Surface Tract (Tract 7 herein); NE4SE4SE4, N2SW4SE4, SW4SW4SE4; W2SE4SE4, SE4SE4SE4, SE4SW4SE4; SE4SE4SW4; SE4NE4SE4; NW4SW4SW4; A tract of land in the SE4SW4SW4, described by metes and bounds as follows: Beginning at a point 799 feet E. of the SW. corner of the SW4SW4, thence running E. 265.6 feet, thence N. 164 feet, thence W. 265.6 feet, thence S. 164 feet to the point of beginning
Acres Contained Net acres described in report