Section 12 / Township 5N / Range 6W (2014) Oklahoma / GRADY County

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Area Covered
N2N2NW4, SW4NW4NW4, SE4NE4NW4, SW4NW4NE4, NE4SW4NE4; NW4SE4, S2SW4NE4, NW4SW4NE4, NE4SE4NW4; S2S2NW4, SE4NW4NW4, SW4NE4NW4, NW4SE4NW4, NE4SW4NW4, N2NE4SW4, less and except Tracts 6 and 7 of this report; NW4NW4NE4, E2NW4NE4, W2SE4NE4, W2E2SE4NE4; NE4NE4, E2E2SE4NE4; N2NW4SW4, SE4NW4SW4, S2NE4SW4, less and except Tract 10; E2SE4SW4, NW4SE4SW4, NE4SW4SW4; S2SW4SW4, SW4SE4SW4; Beginning at the Northwest Corner of the SE/4 NW/4 NW/4, running East 1320.0 feet; thence South 1137.4 feet to the center of old Highway 19; thence around a curve to the left 1626.5 feet to the West line of the SE/4 NW/4 NW/4; thence North 367.7 feet to the point of beginning; NW4SW4SW4; SW4NW4SW4; NW4SW4NW4; Beginning at a point 143 feet North and 1179 feet East of the Southwest Corner of the NW/4 NW/4, thence South 439 feet; thence East 678 feet; thence on a curve to the left along the center line of the road to the point of beginning; Beginning at the Southwest corner of NE4SW4SW4, thence North 288 feet to the South right-of-way line of State Highway 19; thence South 58○17' East along the right-of-way line 545.8 feet; thence West 465 feet to the point of beginning
Acres Contained Net acres described in report