Section 1 / Township 3N / Range 1W (1984) Oklahoma / GARVIN County

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Area Covered
Lots # 1 (40.13 acres) and Lots # 2 (40.41) and the South-half of the Northeast Quarter (S/2 NE/4) LESS AND EXCEPT that certain tract of land as more particularlydescribed in tract # 1 of this report.; Lot # 3(40.67-acres) and the East—half of Lot #4 (20.47 ac.) and the East—half of the Southwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter (E2 SW4 NW4); The Southeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter (SE/4 NW/4); and the West—half of the Southwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter (W/2 SW/4 NW/4).; The West 20.48 acres of Lot # 4 a/k/a the West—half of the Northwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter (W2 NW4 NW4); A tract of land described by metes and bounds as follows: Beginning at a point in the Easterly line of said Section 1, 100 ' radially distant southWesterly from the relocated centerline of main track of Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway Company, opposite it's tract chaining station 26293 40.6 on new location; hence northwesterly on a curve to the right having a radius of 5158.3' and 100.0' southwesterly from and concontric with a curve in centerline-of said relocated main track, 784.1' to a point in the southerly line of a public road; thence easterly along the south herly line of said public road 261.4' to a point in the principal Indian Meridian; thence South along said principal Indian M ridian,.South 0 degrees 07' east, 722.8' to-the place of beginning., and containing 2.39 acres
Acres Contained Net acres described in report