Section 13 / Township 3S / Range 2E (2005) Oklahoma / CARTER County

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Area Covered
A tract of land out of the SE4NE4 of Section 13,Township 3 South, Range 2 East, more particularly described as follows,Beginning at the NW/corner of said SE4NE4, thence South 660 feet; thence East 330 feet, thence South 660 feet, thence East 990 feet, thence North 600 feet, thence West 787.92 feet, thence North 720 feet, thence West 532.08 feet to the point of beginning AND All that part of the S2SW4NE4, NE4SW4NE4, W2SW4SE4NE4, NW4NE4SE4 of Section 13, Township 3 South, Range 2 East lying East of the Center Line of the AT& SF Railroad right-of-way
Acres Contained Net acres described in report