Section 15 / Township 162N / Range 77W (2011) North Dakota / Bottineau County

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Area Covered
W/2NE/4, Less Outlot 1 of the N/2, described as follows: Commencing at the Northeast corner of the NW/4 of Section 15, Twp. 162 N., Rge. 77 W.; Thence N 89°52'74" W along the North line of said Section 15 a distance of 9.04 ft. to the TRUE POINT OF BEGINNING; Thence S 03°19'04" W a distance of 561.51 ft.; Thence S 86 46'17" E a distance of 230.50 ft.; Thence S 00°33'53" E a distance of 511.02 ft.; Thence N 88°29'40" W a distance of 650.76 ft.; Thence N 00°45'58" E a distance of 180.69 ft.; Thence N 86°15'13" W a distance of 55.75 ft.; Thence N 04°01'00" E a distance of 281.71 ft.; Thence N 38°29'12" E a distance of 56.75 ft.; Thence N 72°38'35" E a distance of 60.34 ft.; Thence S 87°05'44" E a distance of 301.41 ft.; Thence N 03°20'20" E a distance of 556.03 ft. said point being on the North Line of said Section 15; Thence S 89°52'47" E along the North line of said Section 15 a distance of 55.03 ft. to the TRUE POINT OF BEGINNING. Said described tract contains 8.74 acres, more or less. (Portion of OL 1 within W½NE¼ contains 2.25 acres)
Meridian Differs by state, governs state surveys based on longitude and latitude.
5th P.M.
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