Section 13 / Township 7S / Range 96W (2008) Colorado / GARFIELD County

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Area Covered
A tract of land on the northwest side of the Colorado River, in Section 13, T. 7 S., R. 96 W., 6th P.M., Garfield County, Colorado, described as follows: Beginning at the northeast corner of said tract, whence the Northwest Corner of Section 13, T. 7 S., R. 96 W., 6th P.M. bears North 88°00’26” West a distance of 2789.68 feet, with all bearings described herein being relative to a bearing of South 00°33’00” East for the West Line of Section 13, T. 7 S., R. 96 W., 6th P.M., thence South 40°27’ West a distance of 1916.38 feet; thence South 79°27’ East a distance of 87.94 feet to the true point of beginning. Thence the following eleven (11) courses and distances along the meander line of the Right Bank of the Grand River, the original survey of the Right Bank is described on the Government Land Office Plat, date March 12, 1890, in Section 13, T. 7 S., R. 96 W., 6th P.M. thence North 42°27’ East a distance of 228.38 feet; thence North 51°08’ East a distance of 46.08 feet; thence North 82°01’ East a distance of 187.97 feet; thence South 87°55’ East a distance of 123.09 feet; thence South 60°55’ East a distance of 105.81 feet; thence South 43°23’ East a distance of 97.35 feet; thence South 66°09’ East a distance of 267.30 feet; thence South 78°29’ East a distance of 181.92 feet; thence South 66°53’ East a distance of 68.11 feet; thence South 67°53’ East a distance of 68.70 feet; thence South 38°12’ West a distance of 138.33 feet, leaving said right bank, to a fence corner; thence North 79°27’ West a distance of 1141.42 feet to the true point of beginning; containing 5.48 acres of land, more or less.
Acres Contained Net acres described in report