Largest Database of Mineral Ownership Information in the US

How It Works

Oil and gas companies use RunTitle to quickly access the data they need to make sound decisions about land acquisitions. The net mineral ownership information provided by RunTitle minimizes cost, and most critically, the time necessary during the diligence stages of an oil and gas transaction where accuracy is paramount.

Using RunTitle, you can search for the data you need and purchase it at the individual tract level, or we can help facilitate larger position acquisitions by allowing you to request an entire township, county, play or state.

About Our Data

RunTitle is the largest online database providing access to mineral ownership information.

RunTitle data is primarily comprised of:

Our data has typically been used in acquisitions and deals in the past, which is why it's so accurate and reliable.

Where Does The Data Come From?

RunTitle data is sourced from an extensive network of operators (of all sizes), large mineral owners (individuals and corporations), independent landmen, and mineral buyers—companies who own the research and understand the potential value of the net mineral ownership information it contains. Our platform provides a way for these companies to monetize a valuable data asset that is often viewed as an old, sunk cost.

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