Largest Database of Mineral Ownership Information in the US

Why We're Here

We believe oil and gas assets & subsurface real estate interests should be simple to understand and easy to invest in.

With proper access to data and the right technology, investing in and owning oil and gas assets can be simple. In 2011, when we looked at the available technology, we saw products that only addressed part of the picture.

Governmental roadblocks and misplaced incentives created massive information asymmetry. The average property owner lacked materially-important information, which resulted in highly inefficient decision making.

We recognized a need for greater access to ownership data and enhanced tools for understanding these investments. That’s why we founded RunTitle.

What We Do

We make products to enable the analysis of public and private oil and gas property data.

Our mission is to build a technology platform that will spur innovation in the oil and gas industry and make investing and owning more data-driven and transparent.

We’re focused on creating the best user experience for working with property data - one that empowers people to ask and answer complex questions without requiring them to master courthouse documents or oil and gas production data. To achieve this, we build platforms and applications for human-driven, machine-assisted analysis.

We’re building our company with an unwavering focus on our mission: to bring transparency and data access to the oil and gas acquisition market.

At our headquarters in Austin, Texas we’ve built an extraordinary team that combines practical experience in oil and gas, big data processing, user experience design, and data science. No matter their role, every employee at RunTitle acts with a devotion to this mission.

We solve real problems for mineral and working interest owners.

Our customers lack the data to understand the problems they face. We connect our advisors directly with our customers — clarifying their assets, optimizing their workflows, and helping them make decisions in days. By establishing a true partnership, we help customers get the most out of our data and engineering expertise.

Partner With Us

Do you own outdated title research? Interested in our platform? Get in touch.

We work with title experts and operators to help manage and monetize their outdated land files and title opinions. By partnering with these groups across the country, RunTitle has created the largest database of mineral/leasehold ownership in existence - a new revenue stream for landmen and oil and gas professionals nationwide.

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