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How it works

RunTitle was created by landmen to make mineral title searches as quick and pain-free as they should be.

Oil and gas companies, mineral owners, and landmen upload high quality information to RunTitle on a daily basis. They set their own prices and put that information up for sale.

Other oil and gas companies and mineral buyers now have immediate, affordable access to the information they need to make critical decisions.

What you can sell

RunTitle allows you to sell all of your mineral ownership reports, document images, and "runsheets".

RunTitle can process a wide variety of file types. No matter the format or organization, our experienced document processing team can turn your raw information into refined reports.

We only ask that the information is yours to sell. For specifics see our Help Page and Terms of Service.

What people are saying

"It’s about time"

"RunTitle was very quick and easy to use. For landmen, easy is everything…"

"I requested a report on RunTitle and it was added the next day. This saved me weeks of work and thousands of dollars…"

"The report I purchased came with a full chain of title and document images which made updating it a breeze..."